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online annual report

What is really special about the way we do accounting at Kop of Munt, is that you can arrange everything online. You can view your figures, read explanations, and even benchmark your business. After all, everyone wants to know how they are doing in comparison with other people.

You can also call on our expertise when it comes to preparing annual financial statements. Our people always stay up-to-date with the latest technical developments, and they are encouraged to carry on acquiring new skills by completing additional training. We also focus on internal knowledge sharing.

At Kop of Munt, you can access a team of enthusiastic professionals: an accountant, a tax specialist, an administrative assistant and an account manager. The account manager is there to answer all your questions.

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the financial planner

Financial planning helps you to face the future with confidence - both from a business perspective and at the personal level.

The aim of financial planning is to align your current situation with your future needs.

The plan that we draw up can help you to understand the options and opportunities as you move forward. Then you can set your priorities and allow for uncertainties. We can use our expertise to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and those employed by a company.

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mobile declarations

It will be a familiar situation - a wallet or desk drawer full of receipts that you need to declare. Or worse still - lost receipts or paperwork.

At Kop of Munt you can do away with the hassle of all those bits of paper - we have the solution! Download the app, take a photo of the receipt, fill in the details and you're done.

And you can throw away the receipt because you won't need it anymore. You can even use our app to keep a record of the distances you have driven! Nice and easy - just as it should be.

kop of Munt Academy

Introducing the "Kop of Munt Academy": a training programme we have developed together with professionals in this field. Subjects include Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Cashflow. A total of 8 different workshops to help you and your business to grow.

creative specialist

At Kop of Munt we love creative companies. They are our target group. This specialization is our added value - we understand your market and we appreciate what creativity means to your business. We can even compare creative companies by benchmarking them with each other, for example.

Or we can tell you if your cost structure is too high or if your sales per employee are outstanding.

And, when we think our clients could be even more successful if they teamed up, we regularly initiate partnerships by putting them in touch with each other. These are just some of the ways that we can add value as a creative industry specialist.

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informal and innovative

When you visit our office, you'll notice straight away that we are different from the rest. Our approach is less formal, we use clear language, and we embrace digital technology.

Digital tax returns, online annual accounts and paperless working methods are all part of our DNA. But we have also developed a tool that allows you to organize your project administration efficiently. It's technology that you can really benefit from!

We believe in predictive data. What do the current financial data say about your future: could you improve your gross margin by organizing your purchasing process differently? And how could you deploy your staff more productively? Predictive data can enable you to get a better grip on financial processes and make your business more profitable.

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Sometimes you need some extra capacity for your book-keeping. Maybe because you have just taken on a big new project or you need to reorganize due to illness.

Kop en Munt is always ready to jump in to lend a hand - all you need to do is ask. We'll introduce you to an experienced staff member who can help you out.

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online payroll administration

Payroll administration is a specialist area in its own right. So it really pays to have it done by specialists, rather than trying to everything yourself.

You can do most of the administrative work within our online environment. But we can also do all that for you, so that your hands are free for other things. Your employees will also be able to access their salary details in a separate online environment, so that they always have the information that they need.

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As a creative entrepreneur, project administration is probably one of those things that you'd rather not have to think about. But there is no getting around it - we know that better than anyone. And that's why we have invented Rodeo. It's Kop of Munt's trendy brainchild!

We developed Rodeo in collaboration with leading creative agencies. So Rodeo speaks your language!

It is easy to use, wonderfully clear and great to look at, and it means that you always know exactly where you are in the process. Rodeo is attractively priced too. Over 200 creative companies use Rodeo every day. Would you like to see how it works for yourself?

You can try Rodeo for yourself for 30 days, free. Visit

dutch glory

We love entrepreneurs with fresh ideas and an energetic approach. That is why Kop of Munt collaborates with Hollands Glorie.

An investment funds that prefers to invest in companies in the early stage phase. There is a proof of concept and the company wants to accelerate its growth.

The founders of Hollands Glorie have lots of experience in entrepreneurship and investing, they know how to grow companies. They help you to push boundaries and realize your objectives. Hollands Glorie loves the adventure of working together. All shareholders of Hollands Glorie will make their skills available for your company. The network of the people behind Hollands Glorie is extensive and they are happy to introduce you!

More information. Check

administration services

For entrepreneurs with slightly less administration to contend with, there is our administration office. Our team of experienced staff will be happy to take all those administrative chores out of your hands. It is such a good feeling when you don't have to worry about your book-keeping, tax returns, annual accounts and income tax.

You can also contact us with any practical business questions you might have. You can count on swift and competent advice without having to pay through the nose. We work for many freelancers, self-employed people and solopreneurs. And of course, you know what you will pay in advance. That way, there are no surprises.

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your own cfo

Big companies often have a CFO. A multitasking officer that makes a big contribution to the growth of a company. But why wouldn’t you hire a CFO? Especially for startups we deliver services in the field of reporting, strategic decision making and deployment of smart software solutions so you get grip on growth.

We work together with Maarten Smulders and Maarten van Leeuwen are the owners and have a network of highly classified CFO’s.

What do our clients think?

These guys make finance less boring... In every development phase of our company they have assisted us professionally on trivial points. In addition, 24/7 hands-on delivery.

Thierry de Vries - Bammboo

At Kop of Munt, we are more than just financial administrators. We are also active in sports. Helping to support our upcoming talents like Rick den Hartog, a promising racekart talent. We also love film & cinema. You can see that on our Vimeo channel.